Essay on Pride vs. Humility

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Pride vs. Humility
The Bible teaches us that humility is a virtue worth seeking and that pride is a sin. Culture throughout history seems to disagree with this perspective. Or do they, is it just so elusive that we grow weary of seeking it and simply give up? Does the lack of humility have any profound effects on our lives? Or can we simply cease striving for a goal that offers no benefit to our success and happiness?
Pride is not a new attitude. We see pride is the source of the fall of Lucifer from glory in Isaiah 14:12-17 and will ultimately lead to his demise as we read in Revelation 20:10. (HSCB) King Nebuchadnezzar was so prideful in his accomplishments in building his kingdom that God caused him to go insane and live as a
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With all the characteristics listed above present in our lives we are not going to be able to resolve conflicts when they arise. Pride in a relationship “is like two repelling magnets in a relationship. If both people hold onto their pride, no matter how hard they try, the magnets cannot be pushed close enough together to make a solid connection.” (Henry) When we can’t resolve conflict relationships will naturally fall apart. In order for a relationship to be healthy you need to feel that you are supported and that the other person in the relationship desires for your highest good. If pride is in the picture you will be keeping score on what has your partner done for you or to you lately and not striving to support each other to achieve success.
Pride and arrogance are prevalent and almost celebrated as virtues in today’s culture. We do need to question if pride is always a bad quality. Take for example if we are proud of attaining goals that allow us to raise our standards that can be a good quality. Once we begin to boast of those achievements or consider ourselves greater then other we are no longer building a good character trait. Is humility always a good trait? Not if it is causing us to have a low self-esteem, feel that we cannot achieve any goals, and you are not able to accept criticism because it causes you to become defensive and unable to hear truth with a willingness to make change. That is not true

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