Essay on Presidents Of The United States

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Presidents of the United States encountered affairs that determined their legacies and how they were remembered throughout the nation. When looking back in history, the presidents were remembered for serving during important events and the solutions they produced to resolve the issues. Most were not remembered based on their characteristics, but on how well they lead the nation during difficult dilemmas. The particular circumstance involving economic situations, world affairs, or social issues that occurred between the twentieth through the twenty-first century shaped the presidency more than the person in office.
World-wide occurrences forced the presidents to intervene, affecting their term. One of the first world major events in the 1900’s was World War I that started in Europe during the presidency of Woodrow Wilson. Although Wilson decided to remain neutral at the start of war in 1914, Germany began attacking U.S. merchant ships. He eventually declared war on Germany and “led America into war in order to make the world ‘safe for democracy.’” (Freidel and Sidey) Wilson involvement in World War I transformed the nation’s foreign policies away from isolationism and toward internationalism. (“Woodrow Wilson: Impact and Legacy”) When America succeeded, Wilson introduced the Treaty of Versailles and created the League of Nations in hope to create worldwide peace. Even with Wilson’s effort to persuade the nation, United States did not ratify the peace treaty nor did they join…

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