President Roosevelt 's President 's Presidency Essay

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In the recent years, Healthcare Reform has surged into the national spotlight; for the first time, the Federal government has employed national Healthcare Reform. Previously, one received healthcare through his or her job, as an incentive. Healthcare Reform acquired little attention during Theodore Roosevelt’s presidency; however, it floated around in politics for the next 107 years until Obama’s presidency nationalized it. Healthcare Reform over the years has oscillated due to the different oppositions from groups like the AMA (American Medical Association) or Labor Unions like American Federation of Labor (AFL). After analyzing the historical and political perspectives of Healthcare Reform, oppositions and controversial issues will continue to grow until a universal compromise between political groups and the American people has been reached, which nonetheless may never happen. Historically, the idea of National Healthcare Reform appeared during Theodore Roosevelt’s presidency, but later suppressed because many people deemed the idea to be socialist or communist. After the Great Depression, unemployment worsened and many people lack the money to afford healthcare. During President Roosevelt’s first term, he “appointed a Committee on Economic Security which was to report with a program that addressed old-age and unemployment issues, as well as medical care and health insurance (1934)” (Hoffman 2). In 1937, after the Social Security Act passed, the Technical Committee on…

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