Poverty Of The United States Essay

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Poverty in the United States is a widespread issue effecting millions of Americans. We have one of the worst poverty levels in the world compared to other high income nations. Much research has been done on the topic, and I believe the easiest way to collect information would be to utilize a secondary analysis of existing data. We could look at income levels, performance of school districts, and cost of living in a particular region using government data and studies that have already been done on the subject. Secondarily (and at a much greater cost in both time and expenses) field research could be done to determine family histories, individual issues, and to observe environmental factors that may be at play. This may give us a more in-depth look at how poverty effects individual communities and cultures. The argument has been made that if all wealth was evenly distributed that most of that wealth would flow back to those who currently hold it. In support of that idea is the fact that the people who currently hold most of the wealth also hold other assets that would help them reacquire the money: Simple dollars and cents aren’t the basis for inequality. The people at the top have better educations, more cultural capital, contacts in important sectors such as government, and family histories that statistically (and generally) speaking don’t include a lineage of slavery and institutional discrimination. For the most part they know how to handle money; while someone who’s…

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