Essay Poverty And Crime Rates Among Adolescents

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In Discussions of the effect poverty has on a person that makes them capable of committing a crime, starvation is one of the many ways that lead people to a life of crime. On the one hand, Hossain, Naomi, Michael D. M. Bader, Marnie Purciel, Paulette Yousefzadeh, and Kathryn M. Neckerman and Ng, Isabella F. S., et al. argue that poverty has a major effect on human behavior, especially in adolescents. On the other hand, Brooks-Gunn, Jeanne, and Greg J. Duncan and Raleigh, Erica, and George Galster argued that through the lack of studies on income and its effect on adolescence makes it troublesome to prove that poverty has any true effects on childhood and if children complete school. Papachristos, Andrew V., et al fluctuates on both sides of the battle of how poverty holds lasting effects on society and people. If we compare recent studies on the detrimental effects of poor living conditions, deprivation and starvation on poverty and crime rates among adolescents how poverty and violent crimes. When viewing the influx in lower living areas you will see it is important because we as people have the ability as a society to lower, even diminish, the causes to a poorer living standard. Researchers like Hossain and Bader, et al have found that the core to the basis of crimes stems from home. Hossain brings forth the idea that the economic crisis can have a last and continuous effect on society/security. Hossain even brings up an example, “Crucially, both crime, and social…

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