Politics and Religion Essay

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Religion and Politics and the effect of religion in America

For a virtuous instance of how religion affects politics in our current world we need not look very distant but rather look around you. The influence of Catholicism on Latin American politics, and the role religion plays on Middle Eastern politics have had a profound affect in those related societies. After examining the effects of religion into the above mentioned societies it is clear that the introduction of religion into politics has proven to be suppressive and counterproductive to most third world countries, and various subcultures in first world countries. A very well known writer and scholar on the history of Egypt, Budge, E. A. Wallis, "Egyptian Religion and Society:
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The priesthoods/political leaders then grew very powerful. Much like ancient Egypt, in our not so distant past the social and political questions that have emerged with the transformation of the Catholic Church in Latin America since the 1960’s are numerous and complex. According to a New York Times correspondent Alan Riding, in reviewing Penny Lernoux’s the Cry of the People (1980) and three other recent titles, called the changing role of the Church the most important single variable affecting the resurgence of revolutionary struggles there, and the metamorphosis of the Church “the most important political development in Latin America since the Cuban revolution” (1981, p 3). Although perhaps exaggerated, such claims point to the tremendous significance of the Church in period of widespread crisis and social change. Moreover, “there are many other Catholic movements involved in politics besides those inspired by liberation theology”. This is according to Opus Dei comments made during an interview with the Brazilian Herald (2005, p 3). He also went on to say that “the major challenger to Lula in the forthcoming Brazilian presidential elections is a man who is linked to the very conservative traditionalist Catholic movement, which is also very strong in Peru. The Catholic charismatic movement has also become more and more politically active”. (2005, p 3). As for Protestantism in Latin America,

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