Poetry, By Billy Collins Essay

832 Words Mar 7th, 2016 4 Pages
Every mentor desires the same burning passion that they received upon their speciality from their student. Whether that passion is a sport or subject in school, every teacher wishes to place a flame in the student’s body. In “Introduction to Poetry” by Billy Collins, Collins describes himself introducing poetry to a class of students, however Collins ideal scenario on students learning poetry is quite different from reality. Collins uses metaphors and similes to compare the traits of poetry, personification to describe poetry, in order to convey his message that poetry is a form of writing that requires an individual to interpret the meaning rather than having the message given to the students. To compare and contrast a poem to several different objects allows Collins to expand his message. In the poem, Collins desires students to discover poetry like “hold[ing] it up to the light light a color slide” or “press an ear against its hive”. Collins ideal image is for students to discover poetry like a color slide, the colors are only obtainable when you have brought it straight into a light and look into it. Understanding the complexity of poems, Collins shows great comparison to a color slide. Similarly to how a student discovers the colors after performing a task, Collins wants the students to discover poetry after careful evaluation. The purpose of these similes and metaphors was to indicate that the students are suppose to discover poetry when they are interested in…

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