Poem Analysis : ' Tonight My Brother ' Essay

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Li- Young Lee poem This Hour and What is Dead seems to be filled with heartache and memorization from the death of his brother and father. Due to the format the poem is written it can be inferred that Lee use the Lord and other phrases as his connection to help humanize what can be looked at as a dream of the person he has talked about in each stanza. Li- Young does a tremendous job at using specific words to help allow the audience of this poem to visualize each scenario he is stating throughout the poem. This is important because, if something can be visualized in someone 's head it can be perceived as non- fiction easier even if it is really fiction. When Lee writes " Tonight my brother, in heavy boots, is walking through bare rooms over my head, opening and closing doors." (1) It automatically draws in the reader and makes them think that the author is on the level below his brother in a house. With this being such a normal act it is never questioned at the beginning if the author 's brother is alive or dead. The use of common acts throughout the poem gives a sense of realization to the reader. Lee also does this when he talks about his dad and how he can remember his father mending the holes of boys pants. This is important because as the poem is continued to be read as if it is reality versus a dream. Once the reader gets more in depth of the poem it becomes obvious that his brother and father are dead and this is a dream. He starts to ask questions pertaining to…

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