Poem Analysis : Still I Rise Essay

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In the poem “Still I rise” the structure of the stanzas is mostly regular except the last two stanzas. All the stanzas in this poem have four lines each, except for the last two stanzas which have 6 lines and 9 lines each. The rhyme scheme throughout the poem is A, B, C, B; except for the last two stanzas, where it is A, B, A, B, B, B, C, B C, B, D, D, B, B, B. The form of this poem is a dramatic monologue as she saying a speech about her life and the struggles she faces. The lines of the stanzas are clear and rhythmic with around 6-8 words in each line, however in the last two stanzas it is not as clear and there is no similar pattern as before. This might be because there is a change of tone or voice. For example she goes from being very inspiring by saying “that I dance like I’ve got diamonds” to making points with much more dominant, deep meanings. She says “I am the dream and the hope of the slave.” This shows she does not allow society to stop her from becoming what she wants to be. Towards the end of the poem she says “I Rise” and not “I’ll Rise” like she did in all of the previous stanzas, which shows that she is using the present tense in the last couple of stanzas compared to the future tense. By using the present tense, this gives the reader the impression that the speaker has overcome all the obstacles and therefore she is rising above them all. The form and structure of the poem “An Unknown Girl” tells the reader a lot about the poet’s identity. This poem is in…

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