Plato 's Philosophy Of Idealism Essay

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It has been said that literary criticism started before Plato, but he is known the bedrock or the womb that birth other literary criticism. It is the foundation of the building called literary theory or criticism. He prescribes what a good literature or poetry should be. Plato’s philosophy of idealism – the existence of two worlds; the ideal world which is perfect and the visible world which is an imitation of the ideal. This idea criticizes art as an imitation of an imitation. And as a result, in Plato’s Repbulic, he with Socrates talk about what should be allowed in the education of the citizens. Aristotle, reacting to this build on the foundation that his teacher, Plato has laid but in a different way. As Stevens puts it, Plato says that the ideal can be understood only through philosophical contemplation…while Aristotle based his description of the ideal on observation of many individual tragedies and does not rest his notions on a divine realm of forms” (Literary Criticism 55). This Aristotelian perspective will later become part of the foundation other theorist like Carl Jung build his psychological theory on. However, Plato’s philosophical influence can be seen in later theories of literary criticism. One of those theorists is G. W Hegel. Hegel’s philosophical idea, just like that of contemporary Kant, has its roots in Plato’s theory of forms. His own idea is that there is an underlying world Spirit that shapes history rather than human decisions. In Stevens’ book,…

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