Essay on Plastic And Its Effects On The Environment

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Take a look around, plastic is everywhere from the cars that we drive, to the containers that our food comes in. Nearly, everything we come in contact with contains some sort of plastic. This source has simplified our lives in various ways and has become a major staple of everyday life. We use it for entertainment, communication, and to save lives. But, no matter how convenient plastics are, they still seem to do more damage than good to ourselves and the environment.
Plastics were not always made from refined oils and gases like they are today. In 1869 inventor John Wesley Hyatt created and patented a new material named celluloid. Celluloid was made from the cellulose in cotton, a natural polymer. Today plant cellulose is being looked at as a base material for a greener plastic. This early plastic was able to be made into many colors and molded into an array of shapes. It took the place of many natural resources that were becoming scarce, such as ivory and tortoise shells used to make combs. In the beginning, making items from celluloid was labor intensive. Items had to be molded in small batches and hand polished. It was also unstable causing factories to catch fire. (Freinkel) The invention of synthetic plastic forever changed culture and the environment. In 1930s, during the German war, scientist were ordered to make something that was cheap and durable. Since then plastic has dramatically increase. Researchers propose, “Plastic production grew from making 20 million…

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