Ping Case Study

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Assessment Task 1
Part A:
Describe software diagnostic tools for single-user and multi-user computer operating systems.
1. Ping: A ping is a network utility program which checks if the computer is connected to any server or not. It is a diagnostic tool to know the connectivity of a computer.

a. Function and Operation of Ping
Ping is used to check the network connectivity of the computer and allows the user to verify the particular IP address.

For the operation of Ping, Firstly open command prompt or type ‘cmd’ in search and press enter, then after type ping/(your IP address) for example ping/ and press enter.

b. Ping is used in both single user as well as multi user operating system

c. The factors influencing
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Ipconfig: It is a command line tool which is used to control the network connection and has three main commands, ‘all, release, and renew’.

a. Function and Operation of Ipconfig
The function of Ipconfig is that it gathers and displays all the data regarding TCP/IP configuration values and refreshes Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)and Domain Name System (DNS) and then displays the IP address, subnet mask, and default getaway of the system.

Basically there are three main types of commands in Ipconfig which are all, release, and renew and the functions are to
Firstly go to and Press in Command prompt or type ‘cmd’ in search and press enter.
Type Ipconfig/all which will show all the IP address, Sub Net Mask, Mac address, Default Getaway, DHCP server, DNS and other details of the computer and its network.

Type Ipconfig/release which will drop all the current IP address and terminate the active TCP/IP connections.

TypeIpconfig/renew which will renew and obtain theIP address for the network adapter that relies on DHCP server

b. Ipconfig is used in both Single and Multi user Operating System.

c. The factors influencing the selection of Ipconfig are its simplicity to check the whole Network problems and deal with it using simple networking

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