Physical Properties Of A Physical Property Essay

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A physical property is a characteristic of a substance that, when changed, does not change the identity of the substance in question. The chemical makeup of the atom, molecule, particle, mixture, or compound does not change. Thus, the substance remains fairly unchanged. Color, state, smell, melting point, and boiling point are all examples of physical properties ( 1). Density is a physical property. Propane is denser than air, so when released it sinks to the floor. Carbon, one of the atoms in propane (c3h8), is often a black color, while hydrogen and oxygen do not have color. Propane is colorless and odorless when in its natural form, but odor is often added for commercial purposes. It has a molar mass of 44.0626 grams per mole. A mole is the rate of conversion between grams and atomic mass (SISSY’S TEXTBOOK). C3H8 is, at room temperature, a gas. However, under pressure propane is a liquid. This is how it is stored in propane tanks at home. When the valve is opened, the propane flashes to a gas. The flash point of propane is -104*C. This means that at any temperature over -104*C with little pressure propane will be a gas. After the liquid flashes, it may appear white because water in the air is condensing. The other reactant, O2, is also a gas. On the products side, there is one gas (CO2) and one liquid (H2O). This difference is physical because the state does not change the identity of the substance. Even if H2O was a gas at room temperature, its chemical…

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