Photography Is An Ever Growing Trend Essay

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Photography is an ever-growing trend in our society and has been a prominent feature in the world for the last few hundred years. There is more to photography than just hitting a button. To get a better understanding of how to photography works we need to take a look at the beginning and see how photography advanced through the ages. It 's hard to imagine if photography was never invented we would still be painting in place. A selfie would take hours not just seconds. The credit is not often given when thinking of how our world would be if not for photography. Now the first ever close idea of photography started all the way back in ancient times back with Aristotle. He used camera obscuras to project images on a wall in a dark room with the use of a pinhole. It is a natural optical occurrence where the image is projected upside down on the wall. This was the original idea that led to the photography we know today. Over the years since ancient times, the idea of camera obscuras has evolved around the 16th and 17th century to adding lenses to project the image sharper with variable sizes. It wasn 't until the early 1800 's that the photography we know of today started to get shaped. Nicéphore Niépce was a French inventor that is credited with the invention of photography. He was able to combine images that camera obscuras produced and photosensitive paper to create a permanent image. This was a huge step in the direction that we are in today with photography. Shortly…

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