Essay about Personality Assessment Test For Kenya

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If you take a journey in your mind you will find yourself and how you fit into this world. The Jung theory is based on psychological findings from research that gives the underlining personality type of every individual through an assessment test, which can be characterized by their preference of general attitude. (Jung, 1973) The Gardner theory is also based on research that Intelligence is one dimensional either you have it or you don’t and this gives an outlook on one’s intelligence preference. (Child development theorists, 2009) Out of Gardner’s 8 theories, I know that I am three of them, I am reasoning smart which represents logical math and I have Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Intelligence that is people and self-smart. Jung’s personality assessment test gave the personality traits strength of Kenya, Brian and Jeanette
Jung’s personality assessment test for Kenya showed my strength as being 12 % Extravert, 41 Judging and 6% thinking. I am a happy go lucky people person (Interpersonal Intelligence) who has the ability of persuasion like a salesperson. During the last 20 years, I have been given free food at restaurants, upgraded on flights, given gift cards to spas just by talking to others. The second strength is Judging, I am a creature of habit, whom make plans and sticks to it with minimum deviation unless it evolves others and the lack of cooperation. The third strength is Feeling; I believe this could be one of my strength for the reason, that sometimes a gut…

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