Personal Narrative: My Personality Profile

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Recently I took a personality test based on the research of Carl Jung, Katherine Briggs, and Isabel Briggs Myers. I believe that this test has done a good job of defining who I am. I found the test to be beneficial for better understanding myself and others. The results of the test and the subsequent preference profile fit me and my personality, very well. My confirmed profile is ENFP, ( Extraversion, iNtuition, Feeling, Perception); this means that in business and school I am driven to find creative solutions to help others and am enthusiastic to begin new projects but may need help focusing to bring them to completion, with a tendency to procrastinate.
Considered the most widely-used personality test in existence, it classifies people
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A hardworking, practical, hands-on worker who prefers a systematic approach to solving problems. Dependable individuals who honour their word, including a commitment to completing what they start. ISTJ workers take pride in their organizational abilities, and enjoy creating task oriented schedules based on logic. Responsible and dutiful to the point of sacrificing their own personal time to ensure a plan is successfully implemented. With a clear understanding of situations, “They are in demand whenever there is a need to determine what practical steps or action need to be taken in relation to an important issue” (Humanmetrics, …show more content…
She spends her free time preparing and shopping for the material we need, something I am not willing to do. The jobs she performs extend beyond our scope, as she plans and organizes systems of improvement company wide, if she notices that another team could use a hand she is always willing to help. Our styles are completely different, I do many things in an improvisational style and am often scrabbling to keep-up with my paper work, reports, and other obligations. Although our styles are opposite we do not clash but compliment each other. I must admit it took me some time to get used to working with someone so efficient, the two of us work well as a team and I now appreciate all that she does. She will be leaving us soon to be with her husband overseas, I am not sure what I will do without her assistance. Her commitment to the job inspires me to work

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