Outsourcing At Universal Precision Control Corporation Essay

820 Words Jun 19th, 2016 4 Pages
In light of the recent employee concerns regarding outsourcing at Universal Precision Control Corporation, it is necessary to outline a research plan in order to find the most effective resolution for these concerns. Despite assurances that outsourcing to Mexico will not happen, employee morale is at a low. This report will address the following: the secondary and primary research methods that will be used, why the methods chosen will assist in addressing the employee concerns, and how the information will be gathered to create targeted employee messages. Secondary research will be conducted first in order to gain information on previous methods used by public relations firms in similar situations. The first method will be archival research. By researching past issues of employee newsletters and previous public relations efforts by corporations who faced these types of concerns information will be gained on how effective these previous methods used were. The World Wide Web will also be used as a secondary research method. Public relations social media such as PROpenMic.org and PRCOnline will be used to reach out and communicate with other public relations professionals and gather their information gained about handling and addressing employee concerns of outsourcing. These research methods will assist in the primary research that will take place. They will provide information on how public relations firms in the past may have excelled or fallen short with the following…

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