Othello Swan Song Essay

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Othello’s Swan Song

In William Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Othello, the Moor of Venice he presents his character of Othello as having all the great qualities of a true leader, but also a man who lacks any type of reasoning power. Othello being the ideal hero has strength, prowess, and battlefield knowledge. However these ideas of leadership do not translate well into situations in the real world and in this case, situations dealing with the heart. The battlefield and senate are where Othello feel most comfortable. They are places of truth where men go to be honest about matters of war. As well, these matters of war and state are relatively simple and are subjects in which Othello can relate. This simple view that Othello has, does not
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“Who can control his fate?” (V.ii.274) he asked, which shows he is not taking full responsibility, placing the responsibility on the heavens. It is beyond a doubt that Othello is in fact the one to blame, though he still cannot recognize his failure at reasoning.
Though the final words of Othello are excellent, they like Othello himself, are flawed. Every sentence seems to reveal a character flaw or personal problem. When he says he “loved not wisely, but too well” this is also true in terms of Iago. Othello’s marriage is based solely on stories and on pity. Othello objectifies his wife and shows no trust in her. It is debatable whether Othello is gullible, but he does buy Iago’s deceitful tale of Cassio’s affair. This is where the quote comes into play. Until Iago, Othello was never betrayed by anyone. He puts so much love and trust into Iago that he is blinded by his cunning ways. In his final moment Othello truly believed that he was being possessed and blames his hand for the sin he commits “of one whos hand, / threw a pearl away.” (V.ii.255-256) He still does not see that his faults were exploited by Iago and used against him. Although killing himself could be seen as a dignified action, Othello truly thinks that he was forced to do this action by some unseen evil, not by his trustworthy ally Iago. It is not until Iago’s plan came to light by Emilia that

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