Oral Language Observation : Joseph Eugene Essay

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Oral language Observation

Eugene has some trouble with talking and reading. When he talks, one of the first things that is noticeable about Eugene is that he has trouble pronouncing words and that is shown through his stuttering. His stuttering mostly occurs at the beginning of a word, but once he says his initial sounds, the rest of the sounds in the word he says is clearly pronounced. While he is stuttering, Eugene closes his eyes tight to concentrate on getting the initial sound out. He also attempts to start over and repeat the word all over after a few seconds of stuttering. When talking, Eugene can say complete and coherent sentences, but his stuttering does throw him off. He begins to speak slower after he stutters;however his speed picks back up after that sentence. Eugene also has some trouble reading words. There are many times when has to physically zoom in on words to pronounce them. Eugene can keep eye contact when talking with an adult. Given the chance to talk, Eugene will be very physical and sometimes even stand when he is talking. He is also very active and ready to help others.

Parent Information

Eugene 's mother is the main provider of the household and knows the most about his reading skills. She has said that Eugene is excellent at math, but he does not like reading. His mom he struggles with reading comprehension and correctly pronouncing sounds in words. She also has commented that he has had some previous therapy with pronouncing…

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