Olaudah Equiano 's Life And Life Essay examples

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Have you ever wanted something so bad that there became a burning passion growing inside you to gain that one thing? Olaudah Equiano is an excellent example of this freedom was his motivation, and he was not going to break until he tasted that sweet taste of accomplishing his goal. Equiano sets an excellent example of this in his life, the mentality and physical toughness to bend but not completely break. That is a quality that we can use in our own personal walk though this life. This autobiography is much more than just a book about slavery and freedom to me, as I began to read it, the book made me begin think about my own life. In a sense that I just started college I am having to find my true “identity” so to speak, Equiano had to do the same, but on a much larger scale.

From the very beginning Equiano was never given anything easy, as a child in Africa, to when he was kidnapped at age eleven, and sold into slavery. It is exceedingly clear that in Equiano’s life that slavery played a monumental role. It was clear as I was reading, how impactful slavery and slave trade were on Equiano, and the millions of other Africans at that time. Though slavery was a very dark, and destructive time in the history of mankind, I think personally that Equiano would have never been the man he eventually turned out to be, if it was not of his trails and perils faced during slavery. This leads for me to talk about how slavery eventually led to Equiano finding “himself” in a matter of…

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