Ocean Acidification Of Coral Reefs Essay

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Darwin once stated that coral reefs “rank high amongst the wonderful objects in the world”. Reefs are amazing, they are animal, they are plant, they sometimes appear dead, and they sometimes are brimming with precious life. Reefs are rainforests, filled with so much life and beauty. “It is estimated that at least half a million and possibly as many as nine million species spend part of their lives on coral reefs” (“The Sixth Extinction”, Kolbert). This chapter sadly tells us that these exceptional elements of our globe may vanish as soon as 2050, if we don’t stop our ways. Coral reefs face many problems, overfishing, that promotes the rise of algae that competes with reefs; agricultural runoff, that also promotes algae; deforestation, that causes siltation and reduces the clarity of the water; and dynamite fishing which is pretty self explanatory. The main problem the reefs face is Ocean acidification. The saturation state of the oceans acidification comes to be when CO2 dissolves in the water and it then eats carbonate ions, hence lowering the saturation state, making the ph of the ocean too low. The saturation state determines the survival of a reef; five through four tell us that reefs are doing good, four through three tells us that we are in trouble, if it goes into two the reefs quit and it will be eventually over. “Eventually, saturation levels may drop so low that corals quit calcifying altogether, but long before that point, they will be in trouble. This is because…

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