Obedience And Its Effect On Society Essay

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Obedience, essential in the foundation of society, has its benefits and risks. There are circumstances when too much obedience leads to loss of individual identity while too little causes chaos and anarchy in the society. The essential questions regarding obedience lie in its effectiveness in maintaining order in society and its capability to transform human beings into machines. In its simplest form, obedience can bring forth both peace and anguish in a society and it differentiates between individualism and collectivism. Striking a balance between obedience and critical thinking is necessary for an efficient society to retain a healthy dose of individuality. The exercise of obedience within society inherently suggests that there is a higher authority over the people also inadvertently allows those in authority to have an extensive level of power over the citizens. The obedience that citizens have towards their state demonstrates their respect and love for authority, as well as their loyalty towards the social contract - an agreement between citizens and government in forming the society they live in. The respect and love of authority in obedience can be shown in Machiavelli’s The Prince when he urges the Medici family to gain the respect of the people to stay in power and run an efficient state (Machiavelli, 33&71). Machiavelli suggests a certain correlation between obedience and power that is to say that, for a ruler to stay in power, he must be respected by the…

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