Oryx And Crake Analysis

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Oryx and Crake, written by Margret Atwood is about a man named Snowman, once called Jimmy; who is living on a beach with a non-human species called Crakers. Crakers ask him many questions about life which causes Snowman’s anger toward Crake, who is their creator. Oryx is a female voice that results in Snowman’s hallucinations. This essay will demonstrate the non-human adaptation that Snowman evolves as he is isolated from mankind.
Evidence shows Jimmy’s emotional connection to animals when he displays anxiety toward them as they were being burned in a bonfire. Jimmy witnesses the burning of the animals with his father who has thought that animals have no meaning. He sees them as no more than human aids, therefore he revealed no emotion. “He thought he could see the animals looking at him reproachfully out of their burning eyes” (Atwood, 18). Jimmy felt that the bonfire was all his fault, “because he had done nothing to rescue them” (Atwood, 18). Most humans demonstrate emotions to situations that have an effect on them, here Jimmy’s emotions show his equality to the rest of mankind. However, instead of looking away, Jimmy continued to stare at the burning animals. The next day at breakfast with his mother and father, Jimmy asked: “Why were the cows and sheep on fire?” (Atwood, 19). He was told that the animals were killed to keep them from spreading diseases. Preceding this conversation Jimmy began to cry, while his mother and father argued that he is too young to know about
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The lives that count in the novel as human are Jimmy/Snowman, and Crake. Oryx is an illusion to Snowman. The Crakers, are not classified as a human species because they are a modified creation by Crake. Overall, Snowman’s past as Jimmy reflects his relationships that he makes with the Crakers and

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