Essay New Orleans Style Jazz :

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Katie Connelly
Donald Mack
Music 105
21 November 2016
New Orleans Style Jazz
Around the turn of the twentieth century, a musical style called jazz was developed in the United States of America. Jazz was specifically invented in the southern cities such as New Orleans, Louisiana predominately by those of the Black descent. According to Music: An Appreciation, “Jazz can be described generally as music rooted in improvisation and characterized by syncopated rhythm, a steady beat, and distinctive tone colors and performance techniques” (Roger and Kamien 468). Ever since its creation, jazz has been composed of many different styles that have branched out from the main foundation. The only thing that differs in each jazz type is the improvisation style of the band playing it. Particular jazz substyles are New Orleans styles, bebop, swing, free jazz, cool jazz, and jazz rock. New Orleans style jazz was the first of the substyles. In fact, it was known as the Traditional style because it was the first type of jazz created. Jazz’s first substyle- New Orleans style- was what created the jazz musical genre and defined it even to this day.
New Orleans style jazz, otherwise known as Dixieland jazz, was the jazz style that formed the musical genre of jazz. New Orleans style jazz was what began jazz in 1917, when a rendition of the style was performed by the Original Dixieland Jazz Band. Although this style had been played since 1900 and was speculated to have begun for certain in 1897,…

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