Essay about Ncaa Monopoly

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Edgar Galvan
NCAA as a Monopoly
After over a century of existence, the National Collegiate Athletic Association stands today as a multi-million dollar organization, one of the largest and most successful organizations in the nation. The NCAA is in charge of overlooking every college athletic competition in the United States. Every year millions of fans watch NCAA organized games and follow the top prospects of every sport. However, all schools and players involved with the NCAA are obligated to follow a strict set of rules to be eligible to compete at the college level.
The NCAA holds college athletes specifically to a very strict set of rules. Under the NCAA all athletes are considered amateurs. The term amateur is used to describe a
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Therefore students are stuck at certain colleges even if they are not getting a proper education. In reality, college athletes are athletes before students and are competing at a level that can not be considered amateurism.
By labeling college athletes as student-athletes and amateurs, the NCAA has been able to unfairly control them. Today the NCAA has become a monopoly over collegiate athletes by not allowing them to get compensated, stealing the profits they would be able to make off the field, and making the NCAA the only path into the professional level.
By not allowing athletes to get compensated for the physical labor they provide each and every day, the NCAA is acting as a monopoly. The NCAA uses the student-athlete term to not allow players to get payed. To the NCAA the labor the athletes go through is considered part of an extracurricular activity that they choose to participate in and it is not supposed to correlate with their education. However,it affects their education in every way. When a player dedicates the amount of time that a big time college athlete does on their respective sport, they do not have the time to dedicate themselves into their education. In an interview, Jonathan Franklin, a former running back for UCLA, once stated, “We’re college students but we’re really working...and if you dont perform you’re getting fired.(Finkel)” Considering that any college contract can be revoked after any year, players do not have room for any

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