Narrative Voice Is The Voice Of The Narrator Essay

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Narrative Voice:

Narrative voice is the voice of the narrator of a work of literature. Narrative voice involves the manner in which the narrator speaks, the word choices the narrator chooses to employ, and the dialect of the narrator (“Point of View”). The voice of the narrator is exposed through point-of-view, which is the position the narrator takes in relation to the work of literature. Charlotte Bronte’s novel Jane Eyre is told from the first-person point-of-view of Jane Eyre, who serves as the novel’s protagonist. Jane Eyre is reflecting on a period of her life, ranging from when she was a young, ten year-old girl under the care of her cruel aunt, Mrs. Reed, to when Jane has been married to Mr. Rochester for ten years. Although these events are described in chronological order, Jane is reflecting on these events from a mature point-of-view, as she is recalling these events as she looks back on her life. This allows for Jane to comment from a more experienced point-of-view on her actions, emotions, and important life events which occurred when she was younger and more naive. This point-of-view allows for the reader to examine how Jane’s attitudes, emotions, and thought processes have developed over the course of a twenty year period, in which Jane has undergone a massive change in maturity while retaining her qualities of abrasiveness, honesty, and deep passion.
Jane Eyre is written so that the story is told “by an ‘I’”, which brings a feeling of…

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