My Views On My Life Essay

1470 Words Jan 14th, 2016 null Page
When it comes time for us to close our eyes, and draw our last breath we may have our life flash before us. With the best memories from your childhood or worst ones later in life. You are indiscriminately assaulted with these memories because of the neurons firing rapidly and biochemicals flooding your mind. Regardless of when or how we die we all have the thought at some point, “was my life worthwhile?” Have I accomplished everything I wanted to do? Did I live a life to be proud of? On my death bed I want to say that I have. I want to be able to face my actions along the path that I have taken and feel accomplished. When I look back from my twilight years I want to say that I have followed my values. Those values being authenticity, friendship, honesty curiosity, recognition, wealth, passion. When it comes to living our lives we want to live free. One of those freedoms being the freedom from the oppression that can limit our self-expression. Many people can’t have that self-expression that they would like to have, but they can fight society’s norms until they are accepted. I don’t have such a hard time expressing myself as others would in other countries. Since I have that freedom of self-expression I take it very serious to be as authentic as I can be. I refuse to suppress my self-expression when it comes time for me to be near other people. Why should anyone have to handicap that part of themselves. It just becomes disingenuous to that person and to others. If people…

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