My Time On Earth As Well Essay

1388 Words Sep 12th, 2016 6 Pages
What I have gathered thus far from my time on Earth as well as these first two weeks discussing, “What is Human” is that human nature revolves around pursuits. Some of these pursuits take the form of life-long endeavors, as well as other day-to-day undertakings. I believe engrained in the core of each of these pursuits of varying size is the idea of enhancement in some form. Enhancement seems like a very technical term in this context, but what I mean is that when one comes across something of interest to them, as humans, we rarely stand in complete finalized satisfaction, but rather look for the ways change and development of our knowledge and existence of this certain thing can be achieved. For example, scholars and intellectuals never reach a point in their lives when they say, “Okay I have learned everything I wanted to in this life, my time for learning is over.” True scholars — like most humans — keep learning for the rest of their lives. One, in order to continue to deepen and enrich their understanding of the questions that drive their work and life forward. Two, because it is not part of human nature to ever completely stop learning. A soccer player wakes up at 6 am before class to work on his or hers shot, hoping to continue to unlock higher levels of potential and skill, furthermore to be the best that they can be. Felipe Fernández-Armesto is quoted in Joel Garreau’s Radical Evolution, saying, “Our human nature may be grounded in our animal nature, but our ability…

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