Portfolio Analysis: The Tragedy Of Hamlet By William Shakespeare

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When I signed up for the Dual Enrollment English class, I wanted to develop new skills and gain more knowledge about how to write a presentable paper. Many students who took the class before told me it would be a lot of work and that it was not worth taking. I still took the course and I do not regret it. With the number of papers I wrote this year, I have many pieces I can take to college with me, and use as references for future writings. Before this year I did not know how to write in
American Psychological Association (APA) format. Now I am proficient in writing papers in this format and am prepared to write this way for college. This portfolio contains a sample of my best writings over the course of the year. I chose to include my Expository paper, my
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This paper will be one of my most important to keep throughout college, especially as a communications major.
The last essay I chose to include in this portfolio was my literary analysis on
The Tragedy of Hamlet by William Shakespeare. I decided to write this analysis, focusing on the characterization and development of Ophelia, Hamlet’s love interest in the play. In my essay I reiterate some of the story from Ophelia’s perspective. She was an innocent and naïve girl, who only did as she was told. But after being rejected by Hamlet and mourning the death of her father, she committed suicide to end her pains. From an outside perspective, Ophelia’s character may not hold much meaning. However, after analyzing the play closer, Ophelia can be seen as a victim of
Hamlet’s vengeance. Because Hamlet was obsessed with avenging his father’s murder, it caught Ophelia and other characters in the crossfire.
This year was successful in preparing me for college. I now know what is required of me, and the effort I must put in to achieve exemplary academic standing in my college courses at Christopher Newport University. I learned to write

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