Essay about Multiculturalism, Ethnicity, Identity, And Race

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Brian Wallis begins his paper by discussing the issues that come along with multiculturalism, ethnicity, identity, and race. He states the methodology of critics discussing cultural differences have shifted “away from essentialist of biological versions of race.” (39) Race as a category is very difficult to understand and has been subjected to many different ‘gazes’; however, Wallis points out it “cannot be separated from other formative components of identity.” (39) It is a part of who people are and is a part of their identity regardless. Scientists who study race have made race a political issue that are affected by people with power and their choices. Wallis stresses that although race has been discussed amongst people and have been studied, it needs to be represented as historical, “not only the concept…but also the institutions and power-knowledge conjunctions that have fostered it.” (39) The main ‘institution’ being referred here would be the museums because although museums incorporate the aspect of display, it still is a place of history and archival evidence. Thus, similar to libraries and historical societies they are also focused on organizing the data and classifying the knowledge they have. However, with the photography uproar in the 1970’s, information that was stored in books have been reclassified into institutional contexts. So, images that were once taken solely for personal, scientific, medical, or legal purposes that were all classified separately have…

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