Morality Is Not Necessary For Morality Essay

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Morality Exists Independently from Religion
Historically, religion and morality have had an influence on each other. The influence of religion has led to the development of some aspects of morality. For example, many abolitionists were religious leaders. On the other hand, morality has had an influence on religion. For example, morality has influenced the Catholic Church’s role over women and abortion. While religion and morality may influence each other, is one necessary for the other? It is a common belief that religion is necessary for morality. This is the view that without religion, morality would not exist. However, after the examination of the arguments that support this view, it is clear that these arguments are problematic. It is therefore evident that although religion may influence morality, religion is not necessary for morality.
Before beginning the argument about how religion is not necessary for morality, it is important to define these terms for clarity. People may have different understandings of these terms. For example, philosophers have argued over the definition of religion for many years. While the definition varies, it is certain that religion entails many things such as prayer, worship, supernatural beings, etc. All of these things play a role in religion. On the other hand, in Religion, Morality and Conscience, written by John Arthur, morality is defined as an individual’s attitude towards various types of behaviors (21). This allows a person to…

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