Morality In The Canterbury Tales By Beoffrey Chaucer

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Morality is a term abstractly defined throughout human existence. We as a species evolved throughout history and those who came before us faced different trials and tribulations. We cannot put ourselves directly into the minds of the people from the past, and, as a result, have to utilize literature to obtain some understanding of the motives of those people. Morals are ambiguous and vary from person to person, so there is no accepted way of accurately measuring them because morals have evolved with us. The things people considered wrong in the past might not apply today. However, by delving into the human psyche and analyzing morals, we can begin to understand the outlying principles that compose our actions and feelings associated with them. Ancient texts are all we have for …show more content…
As a result, the best way to analyze the evolution of morality is by comparing the morals present within the ancient text with what we consider moral questions today.
One of the texts that effectively illustrate morals in people is The Canterbury Tales by Beoffrey Chaucer. Chaucer created various other literary works such as the Roman de la Rose, The Book of the Duches, and the ABC of the Virgin, but his most credited piece is The Canterbury Tales, because of the way it illustrates real human behavior (Chaucer). This story ties in several travelers on a journey and makes the story more about the expedition itself than the destination. To summarize, the travelers are presented with a challenge to tell the best story and

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