Moral Characters In J. B. Priestley's An Inspector Calls

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Register to read the introduction… Birling’s second prediction is that ‘there isn’t a chance of war’ but within three or four years World War 1 commenced so again he thinks he knows but he does not. Birling then makes a third prediction, that the great new ship, The Titanic, is ‘unsinkable’ and in a matter of days it sank, which for the third time proves that he thinks he knows the world but the fact that he is wrong in all three cases validates that he doesn’t know anything about the world at all. Then Birling states that he expects to get a ‘knighthood’ from the government, this demonstrates that he is an arrogant being. H. G. Wells and Bernard Shaw were very famous writers and still are and both are democratic socialists, what that means is that they believed in changing the society so it is more …show more content…
Some people view the Inspector as a messenger of God or a Prophet, almost like Jesus; he is warning us that we should change or danger will approach us. Other people might say that since Priestley was not a Christian then why should refer to a holy moral, the Inspector might be viewed as Priestley’s spokesman, who acts as Priestley’s mind or voice expressing his politics. The last speech of the Inspector is the message Priestley is trying to put through, he says that if you don’t change then there will be ‘fire and blood and anguish,’ here Priestley is talking directly to the audience, historically that is what happened after 1912, when the book was written. Millions died in the World War 1 and if you do not want it to happen again then you need to change your ways, this exquisite play is a very powerful

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