Essay on Moby Dick Is An American Novel Written By Herman Melville

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Moby-Dick is an American novel written by Herman Melville. The story chronicles the voyage of a captain driven mad by his desire to kill Moby Dick, a scarred white whale who severed the captain 's leg. At first glance, Moby-Dick may appear to be nothing more than an adventure novel; however, it soon becomes apparent that Moby-Dick 's pages are rife with philosophical discussion, technical knowledge, and sharp wit. Readers may also find it interesting to note that Melville 's narrative style changes frequently. In the beginning of the book, we read a first person narrative. Later, Melville entertains with the script of a play and occasional third person views. Ishmael is the narrator throughout most of the book, and does not play a major role in the story itself. He acts as an omnipresent being who merely exists to tell the tale of The Pequod, though he does have a small backstory. Ishmael is a very complex character; he is learned, yet humble; wise, yet naive; rebellious, but bows easily to authority. His strongest archetype is the Everyman. Despite not seeing much of this at sea, in Nantucket it is apparent that this is a powerful archetype for him. Early off, Ishmael clearly states that he does not desire to be held in high regard. He rejects high offices such as Captain or Commodore, instead prefering to be a simple sailor. In one passage, he speaks about how he hates honorable duties, because it is all he can do to care for himself. Ishmael is also very comfortable…

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