Microsoft Office a Monopoly Within a Monopoly Essay

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Microsoft Office A Monopoly within a Monopoly Microsoft Corporation has three major monopolies within itself: Office, Window’s, and Internet Explorer. Microsoft Office is a monopoly that sits on top of the Windows monopoly and makes money. Office is Microsoft's best monopoly, making profits of 60% per copy sold Microsoft’s main cash cows: Windows and Office are currently desktop applications. Microsoft has dominated the desktop scene for several decades. However, with current Internet startups and Google pushing, Microsoft has lagged with cloud computing and web applications. Microsoft Office is a commercial office suite of inter-related desktop applications, servers and services for the Microsoft Windows and
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(qoqo, 2011)
Its main challengers include Apple iWork, Google Apps, OpenOffice, and Zoho Office Suite. Apple iWork is a small-time challenger. While iWork contains programs such as Pages, Numbers, and KeyNote that are often easier to use and have much more eye candy, iWork is rarely adopted in the enterprise and hasn’t gained much traction beyond the niche market. Google Apps is gaining some serious traction in the startup, small-business world, and educational sectors. It is Google’s ambition to move consumers from the desktop to cloud computing with web applications. Google Apps with its GMail, Docs, and Calendar are sending serious competition Microsoft. (Bloor, 2007) OpenOffice & (About, 2011)is Sun Microsystems move to challenge Microsoft with an open-source office suite. So far it has millions of users world-wide, and has been the most successful in 3rd world countries. Zoho Office Suite is also a challenger to Microsoft Office.

It's the latest installment in a battle between the two in which Google is seeking to undermine Microsoft's Office monopoly which generates around 50% of its profits and divert some of the revenue to itself, while also getting more people to use the internet, where its search offering, and associated advertising, dominates. (Arthur, 2011) A part of the reason driving Microsoft to make the shift is so that people in businesses can get

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