Essay on Michael Jordan 's Influence On Black Athletes

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Throughout history African Americans have fought for racial equality through many means; a major one being sports. Through their success in athletics, African Americans have made incremental steps towards achieving this collective goal, but due to their dependence on white-controlled establishments, have been confined to parameters of attainable power and social mobility. It was through successful black athletes like Muhammad Ali that spoke on the behalf of African Americans on injustices that paved the way in breaking those parameters and gain black power. The activism that created change by those black leaders has faded away in today’s black athletes, largely in response to the emulation of the greatest athlete of the 20th century, Michael Jordan. Revered globally as a hero and a “God”, with millions of followers wanting to be like Mike, Jordan’s influence influenced black athletes to be racially and politically neutral and strive toward individual success no matter the cost. Michael Jordan’s influence to “Be Like Mike” led a culture of neutrality within black athletes that has rid them of the activism necessary in creating change for racial equality, and silently accept the subordinate role African Americans are given.

Jordan’s influence rose early in his career when his talents on the court became more widely recognized, and his image as a great athlete transcended basketball. With winning rookie of the year and a gold medal in the 1984 summer Olympics, Jordan was…

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