Essay about Mead And The Field Of Visual Anthropology

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Eventually, Mead was able to improve her knowledge and duties as an anthropologist and later, Mead’s work was able to demonstrate a significant contribution to the field of visual anthropology. Considering this, Mead made us of image producing technologies in her works (Ruby 2000, 176). Mead mentions that these technologies not only makes it easier to produce reliable data, but they are also considered as a more reliable source for developing one’s cultural relativism (Ruby 2000, 176). Thus, as an anthropologist, the use of image producing technologies also plays a vital role in collaborative research by focusing on the audience, the visual itself, and the way the image is viewed through one’s cultural lenses. Mead’s research incorporates a diverse array of cultures and people, such as Samoans, Papuans, children, people from the Western Pacific, and more. Throughout her career, Mead was determined to make a difference in the field of anthropology and she believed that anthropology was simple just like any other science. Mead notes that “‘anthropology […] has always been highly dependent upon photography,’ Mead has also pointed out that visual anthropology finds itself ‘in a discipline of words’” (Ruby 2000, 46). Mead’s work not only played a significant role in the lives of scholars, but other anthropologists were also inspired by her theory and methodology of work. According to Molloy, “Mead’s work is a sustained commentary on the self and its relation to the larger…

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