Materials and Technologies Indicative of Neolithic Period Essay

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When we talked about clothing of Neolithic period, can also be called New Stone Age (4500BC-2400BC), the first view will jump out is animal hides punched with awls and sewn with sinew and bone needles, first appearance of woven plant fibre textile. The developing journey is from using plant directly as clothing to using plant fibre to make garment. Like food and shelter, clothing is a basic human requirement, especially in some districts where warm clothing is necessary.
Furs and unscraped hides remained popular materials for clothing, even in areas where technology was advancing. Fur provided warmth and protection from the elements far beyond other Neolithic clothing materials, and required reasonably small processing. Furs were often
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A waistcloth was most frequently tucked into a belt at the waist, wrapped under the rear area of the body and then tucked into the waist again. Leggings were easily hides wrapped around the legs and held in place with sewn stitches. For a look at a complete Neolithic outfit, recreated from mummified remains.

Figure 1: Neolithic early human outfit
Shoes were more complex by the Neolithic and could offer excellent protection to wearers. Some shoes are opposing to modern hiking boots in comfort and performance. Separate soles and uppers were more common than in previous eras, but the main shoe style was still a single piece of leather formed into a shoe. “In the course of time the basic form of the on piece shoe changes, becoming a little more complicated. The oldest form is an oval with slits around the margin. The shoe was bound around the instep by a leather string threaded through the slits. Impressions in the leather point to an additional binding around the foot. This form is seen in shoes dating from the Neolithic and Early to Middle Bronze Age.’ (Groenman-van Waateringe, Willy 2001)
When settled Neolithic cultures discovered the benefits of woven fibres over animal hides, the making of cloth, drawing on basketry techniques, emerged as one of human being basic technologies. As we known that the major steps in the making of clothes are four: first to harvest and clean the fibre or wool; second, to card it and

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