Manufacturing Happiness In The Brave New World By Aldous Huxley

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Manufacturing Happiness

Utopianism is a place where peace and reality happens, where stability is maintained by society’s role, having negativity be eradicated. Although as in today’s reality it is dysfunctional in the other words dis-utopia, from the words of a British writer Aldous Huxley, whom he wrote the phenomenal novel, “The Brave New World”. In the series, the author queries the distinctive values of 1931 generation, by the use of satire and irony to portray a futuristic world in which many of comptemporary trends in today’s-American society have been taken to extremes of futuristic scientific advances. Community, identity, stability are the words that compromise the slogan of this society. The community defines that varies individuals
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Which artificially implies the idea of Identity, that people are classified by their caste ( Alphas, Gammas, Epsilon, Betas, etc). Yet each person is suppose to cherish their own identity given from they were born. Hence Stability is the core object of a functional society because through happiness and efficacy can be flourished to peoples happiness and negativity, or unstable society be eradicated. In Huxleys Brave New World the idea of social stability dominates reality, whether, is “Social Stability worth the price?”, I disagree with this theory of the brave new world society, because it stabilizes and unconsciously enslaves the people to live in a state of happiness, but with no worries and alert there is no reality to this novel is a fiasco that controls the individuals wills and with the lack of remorse the society is known to become dis-utopian from what the world controllers want for their mere fantasy is to have a social stabilize society without …show more content…
Soma is a euphoric, narcotic alternative steroid substance that keeps in touch with people so called true reality. In such for the governments (directors) soma is a legitimate tool for it to control of its population. Taking a fresh grand of soma will sedate, soothes and most importantly distracts the persons consciences and the touch of reality. With stability of making the society tranquilized with soma the price is rigorously too high for its way of permitting a misleading manner to have a control of people. Which will indicate Mustapha’s ideology, “Gramme is better than a damn”(Huxley 54). Which in Huxley’s point of view it signifies peoples serotonin to take soma in the utilitarian society. Especially associating with community where no one can maximize their achievements and have real happiness. Which makes an indication of the lack of identity where no one has a persona or personal differences in the community. By breaking this down to the point nerveless every person are not differentiated on who they personally represent on cultural aspect, ethnicity, religion, etc. They are only to have a set of mine on what will be only what demands are from the directors. This dysfunctional society Huxley implies only is to consist of being emotionless and

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