Management of Risk Essay

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A Discussion Paper By: Paul R. Amyotte, P.Eng.1 & Douglas J. McCutcheon, P.Eng.2
Chemical Engineering Program Department of Process Engineering & Applied Science Dalhousie University Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada B3J 2X4
2 1

Industrial Safety & Loss Management Program Faculty of Engineering University of Alberta Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6G 2G6

Prepared For: The Research Committee of the Canadian Council of Professional Engineers

October 2006

The purpose of this paper is to “seed” the discussion by the Research Committee of the Canadian Council of Professional Engineers (CCPE) on the topic of risk management. The paper is in part a research paper and in its
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The argument in support of risk management knowledge being important for engineers is advanced on three fronts: moral/ethical, legal, and financial. A brief review is then given of educational needs on risk management in Canadian engineering schools, and the activities of some CCPE Constituent Members and selected Canadian engineering technical societies (discipline-specific) with respect to risk management activities and services. A second question is then addressed: Why risk management for all engineers? The basic intent in this section is to counter the argument that risk management is only important for those engineers working in “high-risk” industries or for those engineers dealing with “dangerous” materials. The modern engineering team is examined from the perspective of its multidisciplinary nature which necessitates particular attention to risk communication. Several international initiatives in risk management education and practice development are described to demonstrate that other countries do not make a distinction between artificial groupings of engineers who may or may not require risk management knowledge. To further illustrate this point, several case studies of differing origin are briefly reviewed. The Westray coal mine explosion that occurred in May 1992 in Nova Scotia is presented as a case study to show that this disaster holds important

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