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“As our business has grown, so too has the volume of data moving across our global network,” explains Kosuke Yamane, general manager of the e-KOMATSU Technical Centre. “To ensure we could continue to effectively support the future growth of our global operations, we decided to consolidate and integrate our global infrastructure with a single supplier.” CONSOLIDATING THEIR COMMUNICATIONS AROUND THE GLOBE Data centre consolidation would simplify Komatsu’s extensive application infrastructure and improve communications, enabling the swift delivery of information vital in providing timely, high-quality customer service and pave the way for a more high-level view of its global network infrastructure. Komatsu evaluated proposals from five of the world’s largest global connectivity providers, and chose Verizon because of our proven performance; comprehensive service level agreements; industry and technical expertise; and global presence driven by close coordination between local teams around the world. Initially, Komatsu’s upgrade would span only its European operations, providing high-bandwidth links to support its data centre consolidation efforts. As the project moved on, the company chose to leverage our capabilities to upgrade its WAN globally and build a full-service, fully managed and redundant network with consistently high performance.
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