Essay on Macbeth, By William Shakespeare

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The riveting tragedy Macbeth written by William Shakespeare conveys the progression of the protagonist Macbeth’s character from the moment a life-altering prophecy is bestowed upon him of supernatural origin, to the multitude of crimes he commits out of paranoia and greed, to his ultimate downfall at the conclusion of the play. However, without an understanding of Macbeth’s transition in character and that vaulting ambition is at the forefront of the aforementioned events, we fail to truly appreciate this tale. Furthermore, the soliloquy highlighting Macbeth’s initial hallucination regarding the floating dagger provides the audience with solid evidence for this development and foreshadows future events. The prophecy decreed by the witches, in conjunction with Lady Macbeth’s persuasion, sparks Macbeth’s desire for the prestigious position of king and initiates a deterioration in character that intensifies with visions of the dagger, foretelling of his demise.
The witches are the masterminds behind the actions of Macbeth as they insinuate such tempting ideas into his mind. The hallucinations of the dagger are a direct result of stress caused by the prophecies bestowed upon Macbeth, and coerce him into committing the immoral deeds that serve to hasten his ascension to a higher rank. From this quote, the paranoia present in Macbeth’s character is evident when he questions his sanity at the initial sighting of the dagger, and goes on to say that the bloody business (murder of…

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