Essay Macbeth, By William Shakespeare

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Macbeth, a once noble thane of Scotland becomes the most vicious and evil character in Shakespeare’s Macbeth, as he betrays his country, his friends and his family in his quest for kingship. Macbeth begins as a loyal thane who defends his country from rebels and honors the king of Scotland, Duncan. Returning to his home after battle, Macbeth encounters three witches who tell him he will become king. Macbeth is enthralled after hearing the prophecy and tells his wife Lady Macbeth of the prophecy. Lady Macbeth encourages Macbeth to take action to make sure the prophecy comes true. Macbeth goes on to kill Duncan the King of Scotland, his loyal friends and murders innocent people to attain his kingship with the encouragement of Lady Macbeth. Macbeth’s lust for power is encouraged by Lady Macbeth but he is the one who kills and takes action. Lady Macbeth is evil for encouraging Macbeth to kill, but it is Macbeth who decides to take action. Macbeth’s hunger for power supersedes his loyalty to Scotland, his friends and his family. Macbeth eventually becomes a monster who cares for no one not even his wife, Lady Macbeth or the innocent people of Scotland

After the prophecy unfolds and Macbeth rises through the ranks naturally, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth grow anxious to attain kingship. Macbeth is filled with evil ideas after hearing the prophecy. He says, “Stars, hide your fires; let not light see my black and deep…

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