Macbeth, By William Shakespeare Essay

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In William Shakespeare’s tragic play, Macbeth, one can see that Macbeth was a loyal, trustworthy, and ambitious person who fights for Scotland and the king. Macbeth was a man who seemed to strive off of loyalty and rash decisions when it came to serving Scotland without a second thought. Thus, Macbeth received the titles of Thane of Cawdor and Glamis. In this time period people received noble titles when doing righteous things that benefit the king whilst also remaining strong enough to survive in battle. Duncan, king of Scotland, had realized just how brave and courageous Macbeth was and had never thought of the consequences as to the amount of power bestowed upon Macbeth because Macbeth’s ambitions had never posed a problem, but the king was wrong in putting faith and power in Macbeth for it only lead to tragedy. The play is focused afterwards on the ambition, not greed, that was the main cause in the tragedy of Macbeth; that with Macbeth’s greed, selfishness, and fear were key roles that spurred Macbeth’s ambitions. Macbeth’s eagerness to rise to power, fueled by the Thane’s ambitions, lead to greed that was completely devoid of any guilt. Macbeth longed for the power and the crown Duncan possessed, that any man would have killed to have. It’s obvious that Macbeth had thoughts on the murder of Duncan just to gain the crown since the witches foretold the prophecy. Macbeth is not waiting to see if it happens on its own but forces it out of ambitious greed. In Foakes, this…

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