Macbeth By William Shakespeare : A Hero And A Leader Essay

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Thorin, a character from The Hobbit, falls from grace over the course of the novel as he begins the story as a hero and a leader, but concludes his journey with an intense desire for gold and treasure, blinding him his path to greatness, only redeeming himself in his final moments of life. In William Shakespeare 's play Macbeth a parallel is story of a hero who descends from his glory, becoming a dangerous and cruel character. Unlike Thorin’s story, Macbeth does not regain his grace by the end of the play, instead forever remembered as a man driven mad by his lust for power and blood. The audiences watch as Macbeth slowly transitions from a hero to a man devoid of morality. Shakespeare 's play Macbeth follows a tragic hero as the main character falls from his grace, showing that even the mighty are able to spiral into madness. A tragic hero must begin as a morally correct character who shrouds their dark side from the world, so they will be perceived as an amabriable person. Macbeth does begin as a character we see in a positive light. In fighting for his country Macbeth’s heroism is introduced , the commander of the army referring to him as “Brave Macbeth- well he deserves that name” (I.iii. 16). Bravery is a quality, highly regarded during this period, especially in a time of war. He is seen as a war hero, someone who is loyal to his country until the very end, battling Scotland’s enemies for his king. Macbeth, an idol to his fellow countrymen, has a compelling sense of…

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