`` Love `` By Toni Morrison Essay

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Toni Morrison 's novel, Love provides insight from the characters and the costumers that surround the death of the late Bill Cosey throughout his life. They are all affected by this charismatic hotel owner who caters only to African Americans. Morrison 's non- linear style goes back and forth dividing the plots among different time periods throughout this story. Inside the famous Cosey Hotel and Resort, history and cultural heritage of African Americans are analyzed from the “characters displaced from home, orphaned, and abandoned, and even Cosey himself, like others remains scarred by American culture” (Schreiber) while coating all actions of love, hate, power, and sex. The characters past from their youth years reflects damaging choices they made throughout their life from the culture that surrounds them. Morrison expresses Cosey 's success of owning a business within a system of injustice during The Civil-Rights Movement which motivated sexual activity and power. Love and hate are shown by these woman 's connections, affection, or dependance in Bill Cosey. In each chapter, there is misunderstandings brewing in Bill Cosey 's immediate family, and the misunderstanding of how the past can be detrimental to a young child. Reading farther into the book readers get to understand how Bill Cosey became this man that has money and to have a “well-known establishment”. A honest white man had to “down grade” and betray his culture in selling the “white only” establishment to a…

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