Essay about Little Red Riding Hood / Cap

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Your Honour and members of the jury, we have congregated here to bring justice to Angela Carter. Ms Carter is a gifted, respected author who has been accused unjustly. The accusation entails that ‘The Company of Wolves’- an appropriation of the well-known fairy-tale, Little Red Riding Hood/Cap, has wrongly disrespected the original text and due to this, affronted the children.

I approach you to assure you ALL, that Ms Carter has not affronted the original text or the children, but has brought such charisma and enchantment, to the tale to become more relevant to today’s society. To fight these ridiculous accusations, my arguments include the intended audience, the matriarchal values and understandings of appropriations, thus proving her innocence.

Though the original story of Little Red Riding Hood/Cap was a fairy-tale indeed intended for a younger audience, whereas The Company of Wolves is so obviously intended for an older, mature audience. Making the accusation of this appropriation affronting the children to be untrue and invalid. Prosecuting Ms Carter for a false accusation of affronting children is quite insulting. I’m sure that the descriptive imagery and mature, sophisticated writing style which has been applied through this text proves this. Seriously do you expect an 8-year-old to be able to comprehend this tale? For example, ‘Yet by the eyes, those phosphorescent eyes, you know him in all his shapes; the eyes alone unchanged by metamorphosis.’ Or ‘Commonplaces…

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