Essay on Little Red Hood : Moral Warnings And Sexual Implications

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Little Red Hood is a fairy tale that can be found the Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm’s first collection Children’s and Household Tales in 1812 (Malone 4). The brothers were not the first to write this story, their version was created from versions of the story they were previously told (“Moral Warnings and Sexual Implications”). Compared to the version the brothers were told, they changed how the story ends (“Moral Warnings and Sexual Implications”). A second edition by the brothers was published in 1857, this edition removed dark content from their first version (“Moral Warnings and Sexual Implications”).
Little Red Hood opens with, “There was once a sweet little girl” (Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm 95). Although it is not one of the classic introductions like “Once upon a time” or “In a land far, far away”, the story does not begin unexpectedly. This introduction fits a section of Olrik’s opening and closing law, where fairy tales start and end with opening and closing statements (Pate). The closing part of the law is also cover, but talked about later. The story starts with the heroin Little Red Hood and her mother talking about delivering wine and cheese to her sick grandmother. A little into her journey, Little Red Hood is confronted by a wolf who joins her for a section of her trip. The wolf distracts Little Red Hood by opening her up to the surrounding beauty within the forest such as the birds and flower. Delaying her trip Little Red Hood decides to pick a bouquet of flowers for…

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