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Literary Analysis
Sergio Scott
Grand Canyon University
American Literature II
Susan Crannell
September 28, 2011

Sergio Scott
Susan Crannell
ENG 353
September 29, 2011
Literary Analysis Naturalism was a literary movement that took place from the 1880s until the 1940s. It used realism as a mechanism to suggest that social conditions, heredity, and environment had a monumental impact in changing or defining human character. Naturalism exposes the dark areas of life and how they affected people, such as sex, violence, disease, prejudice, abandonment, disease, and even death. Naturalism, in short, is a need to return to the earth. (Williams, 571) A prime example of this literary theory
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His head would fall forward upon his knees, and he would rest. It was easy. All men must die.” Within this passage, Old Koskoosh comes to terms that his son is gone and beyond reach. The branches that were left in his company to feed the flame that was providing the warmth necessary to keep him alive were dwindling. The numbness from both the snow that he was resting on in addition to the blistering temperatures was starting to overshadow the feeling that he once felt. With all of these factors in effect, he came to conclusion that dying was a part of the life cycle that everyone must face and that his time to face it was here.
One prominent feature of literary naturalism is pessimism. In “The Law of Life”, it is evident all throughout the story. Old Koskoosh is well aware of the current state of his mortality and does not have a positive outlook on his future. While reading through the story, one passage stood out to me that could be considered a testament to this: "It is well. I am as a last year's leaf, clinging lightly to the stem. The first breath that blows, and I fall. My voice is become like an old woman's. My eyes no longer show me the way of my feet, and my feet are heavy, and I am tired. It is well." In just this one paragraph, one can tell quite a bit about his acceptance of his imminent death. Lying in the snow while blind and lame is a symbolic comparison of the last leaf hanging on to the tree. A tree becomes nothing

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