Essay on Life Of Man Is Solitary, Poor, Nasty, Brutish And Short

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The life of man is solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short. This outcome is not what man wants out of life. He wants power and the ability to achieve his appetites and avoid his aversions. This holds true for the man next to him as well and there is no guarantee that man will not kill one another in the natural state of things in order to follow his appetites and aversions. This is why government was created. Man chose to create government to ensure self-protection; he gave up his power and rights to a Soveraigne to keep from dying by the hands of another man.
The fear of death is the foundation for man’s creation of government. In a natural state of nature there is nothing to stop one man from killing another and man does not know when or if this will occur; the probability of it happening is high. To ensure his safety man must give up his liberty. Liberty as defined by Hobbes, in Chapter Fourteen Section “Liberty What”, is the absence of external hindrances or obstacles, that these hindrances can take away part of man’s power but not chose what he does with the power he has left. These hindrances stand in the way of man’s ability to choose to act on his appetites and aversions. These are the driving forces of man, the strings that pull them causing them to either go towards something, an appetite, or away from something, an aversion. Because of these actions Hobbes states that man is a machine, not a political animal. Man does not want to naturally be a part of a…

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